Our Wealth Management Services

An evaluation of an individual or organization’s capacity to handle different investment strategies of varying risk levels.
Determine your investment portfolio needs by assessing your goals and matching them to suit your objectives.
Valuation and management of investments and assets in both the domestic and foreign markets.
Anticipating and arranging, during an individual’s lifetime, for the management and disposal of that person’s estate during the person’s life and at the event of their passing.
The art and science of selecting the right investment policy for the individuals in terms of minimum risk and maximum return.
Centralized management and overseeing of investments, taxes, estate planning, and philanthropic planning.

Our Fund Management Services

Medium-to-long term investment in both domestic and foreign markets with focus on capital growth and periodic income.
Mutual fund investment that focuses principally in stocks.
Mutual fund investment that focuses primarily on investing in securities offered by public real estate companies.
Invest directly into private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies.
Investment in commodities such as gold, oil, etc.
· Investment Policy Formation
· Strategic & Tactical Asset Allocation
· Fund Manager Selection & Monitoring
· In-house Asset Management Set-up
· Investment Capacity Building

Our Brokerage Services

Submission of buy or sell orders directly to the order book of an exchange
Day to day management and maintenance of an investor or company’s portfolio of stocks, assets, bonds etc
Dispensation of any accrued dividends to investors
Informed trading of assets in a portfolio to maintain the original objective ratio of asset distribution
Liaising with CSCS to register shares on behalf of clients and keep all records updated.

Our Registrar Services

Overseeing the sale of securities to a select number of investors.
Issue shares to internal shareholders as well as facilitating mergers and acquisitions on behalf of clients.
Issuing and acquisitions of loan securities on behalf of clients.
Listing and registering company shares on the NSE.
Disbursement of share certificates
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